Wednesday, December 28

Completely DISGUSTING Food Dishes from AROUND the world.


I dare you to try ONE of these 'delicious' dishes. Trust me, it's either you retch, run, scream or just faint!

1. Itsy Bitsy Spider fell into the pot, Cambodia.

In Cambodia the habit of eating fried tarantulas began during a period of starvation in history. However now-a-days, they are considered to be quite a delicacy.

2. Balut, Philippines.

Balut, a 'snack' consisting of a half-fertilized duck or chicken egg, served with a little salt after being boiled. One can find it all over the streets and markets of Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and it is as popular as hotdogs are in the United States.

3. Snake and Scorpion Wine, Asia.

This unusual type of liquor can be found in Asia mostly and it is made out of a dipping Cobra or scorpion into a rice wine bottle. After a few months of fermentation, the venom is dissolved and the drink is good to serve.

4. Cobra Heart, Vietnam.

In Vietnam, one can serve a LIVE cobra's heart. Some taken raw, along with a cobra blood chaser while others prefer to have it with some rice wine.

5. Baby Mice Wine, Asia.

Traditional in China and Korea, baby mice wine is considered to be a 'Health Tonic'. The taste = Raw Gasoline. While still alive, newborn mice are thrown into bottles FULL of rice wine and left there to ferment.

6. Casu Marzu, Sardinia.

This is a type of cheese the few people would dare to try. Like the blue cheese left to ferment, this one is STUFFED with incest larva. Often referred to as 'Maggot Cheese'. It is consumed while the living 'beings' are still alive, otherwise, it is said to be TOXIC.

7. Kopi Luwak, Indonesia.

This is the rarest and MOST EXPENSIVE coffee int he world. But a coffee-lover-addict might want to reconsider downing a cup full. Why? Hint : Excrements of a creature that looks like a cat called a Luwak.

8. Tuna Eyeball, Asia.

Usually served in Japan and China, the tune eyeball is another weird dish that might not be everyone's cup of 'dish'. It tastes MUCH better than it looks, as the story goes.

9. Rocky Mountain Oysters.

One might think that this is a seafood dish, while in fact, it something totally different. One would peel, boil, roll into flour mixture and fry these buffalo's testicles. Yummy?

10. Fugu, Japan.

The poisonous Puffer Fish is a great sensation in many restaurants of the world. ONLY VERY qualified and trained cooks are allowed to prepare it because if something goes wrong, it would be your last meal.

11. Bugs.

Insects has become part of a lot of dishes around the world EXCEPT Europe and North America. Deep fried in hot oil, it is a perfectly nutritious tea-time snack.

12. Excamoles, Mexico.

This weird dish is the future offspring from giant black ants. Collecting these eggs is a HUGE 'war' as the owners are venomous, big and creepy. The taste = Buttery nutty.

13. Boodog, Mongolia.

It's standard that we cook an animal AFTER it's fur been peeled, but this dish is where you cook an animal -usually a goat or a mormot- from the INSIDE. The animal is cooked in it's OWN SKIN as a 'pto' with the help of hot rocks.

14. Whole Sheep's Head, Scandinavia.

With or without the brains, it's the whole/ half of the head on your plate. A delicacy in the Northern Europe areas and some parts of the Mediterranean.

15. Bat Soup, Asia.

Considered to be notorious disease carriers, they are served in soups.

16. Ox Penis.

Steamed, deep fried or simply raw, the ox penis is commonly eaten by humans in the oriental countries.

17. Caterpillar Fungus.

A parasitic fungus that invades the body of the insect larva and eventually killing and mummifying the caterpillars. Mostly used as a medicine or as an aphrodisiac and even as a soup dish.

18. Human Placenta.

It is believed to prevent postpartum depression and other pregnancy complications.

There are a few more dish even i cannot post about. Ugh.... i'm feeling nauseous, especially from the last one... 

!! Bon Appetit !!

Taken from : Funzug

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